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Multimedia Horizon is a Louisville SEO Company. We focus on local search via geographic areas.

Local Search

Keyword research relevant to Louisville SEO

Multimedia Horizon is a Louisville SEO Company. We use Google Adwords to research keywords and find the best keywords for your site. Keyword research and using those keyword phrases is the most important part of your SEO strategy. Keyword research let's you know what search terms your audience uses to look for your website. We rank keywords that are used in a local search. Your local customers are searching for listings geographically. When a customer searches for your business online the keywords and keyword phrases they enter should be brining your website to the top of the search results. Offering the best SEO Louisville has to offer at the most affordable prices around. As a Louisville SEO Company providing and focusing on Local SEO Services, Multimedia Horizon is striving to offer a local search strategy second to none.

Local SEO

How does Local SEO help my business?

Today organic search competition is on the forefront. Local search is becoming more and more competitive as local businesses are discovering the importance of local search engine optimization. Local search results have been the guiding light for many local businesses.

Google My Business Page

Is your Google My Business Page Robust?

A Google My Business page is very important to the ranking factors for local search results. Google has been making a big push to get businesses to claim their Google My Business pages. In fact Google says that a business with a robust profile and 5 star reviews are more likely to get clicked on. Google keeps pushing the importance of claiming your Google My Business Page. Studies show that businesses with robust pages and reviews are more likely to clicked on. This is the kind of thing that can help your local search. Click here to learn more about Google My Business.

Google my business is a great way to let customers know you're ready for business. Google my business is one of the great free tools from Google. Advertise your business hours, phone number, and driving directions on a Google Search and Google Maps. A lot of times a business will have different phone numbers and hours than they want advertised. Some web aggregators list your business without your knowledge so the info is not accurate for example a fax number could be mixed up with your phone number etc... Multimedia Horizon has a search strategy that ensures the local visibility making use of inbound links. The info on your website is tested for accuracy across the web so Google, Bing and Yahoo know about the locations most relevant to your business. You will achieve higher rankings in local search results using Google my business and Google Analytics. These great tools let you see the traffic sources and re-evaluate statistics for results.

Google Algorithms

Delivering the best results

One thing to know about SEO is that Google is writing new algorithms all the time. These algorithm updates improve the user experience to deliver the best search results. Click here to learn more about how algorithms work. We look to SEO industry leaders like Moz to find out the latest. Click on this link Google Algorithm Change to keep up to date. An algorithm is a computer program that is looking for clues that give you back the exact returns for the search you want. There are trillions of webpages out there and Google wants you to find what you are looking for, that's why they write the algorithm. Targeting your websites SEO will accurately define your audience. Ultimately bringing more traffic to increase your profits.