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Pay Per Click Advertising

The most accountable form of advertising is PPC. 

Month-to-month. A-la-carte. No long-term contracts.

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Multimedia Horizon offers Google Ads, AdWords known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

Professional PPC Management Services

  • Monthly PPC Spend Analysis
  • Google Search Network Ads
  • Google Search Display Network
  • Website conversion analysis
  • Competitor intelligence
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What Are Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is described by Google as an online advertising service. Advertisers pay to have short advertisements displayed on Google. Ads can be anything from offering your companies services, product listings and video. Google uses what they call a search and display network to deliver the paid ads. Customers only pay when an ad is clicked on

Multimedia Horizon is considered by Google to be a Certified AdWords Expert after passing the Google AdWords Exam. Click here to learn about Google AdWords.


How Much are Google AdWords?

If you’re looking advertise your business on Google AdWords then you are probably wondering what the cost is. It is perfectly understandable to question the cost of AdWords and one I would ask if I were looking. There is unfortunately no simple answer for the cost of Adwords. The fortunate part is that AdWords is a customizable ad platform, tailored to each advertiser. You have total control of how much you decide to spend and where and when you spend it. You are able to increase and decrease your ad spend whenever you want.


Monthly PPC Spend Analysis

This service determines how much to spend on PPC advertising.

Multimedia Horizon uses Google Ads to generated an estimate and gather the information that is necessary provided by the client. With this info and research calculated into Google Ads an overall budget will be determined. The recommended budget gives an estimate on how many views, clicks and conversions you will get depending on the money you spend!


Google Search Ads

Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

Your ads will  be seen across the internet in your targeted location. Google Ads appear on PCs, tablets & smartphones. When selected words are entered into Google and they match the keywords you are paying for then your ad will be shown the the top of the search results. You only pay for results, for example, when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website as a result or someone calls the phone number you display on your ad.


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