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Content Writing

Google demotes websites page-rank if it doesn't have fresh content.

Writing Content for SEO

Multimedia Horizon specializes in writing content based on SEO Keyword Research. Good content should have relevant keywords and phrases that are most likely to be entered by users into the search engines. Web pages with the best content come to the top of the search engines. Productive content will engage your readers and encourage them to stay on your website longer. We want to turn website visitors into your website customers.

Compelling content convinces your web users to click. We help you create special offers with text and graphics on a wide variety of web outlets. You may want to run an ad on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example. Your ads need to be sized to fit into multiple Social Media outlets.


  • Check that content is written for consumers before search engines
  • Use best practices so that search engines can crawl and index your site
  • Writing content for page title tag and meta name descriptionss
  • Google Content analysis Click here for more info on Content analysis
  • Analyze the keyword value
  • Create copy that informs and promotes your business
  • Create content that attracts and connects with readers
  • Check that Keywords are optimized for SEO
  • URL structure

Content Writing

Content Writing is critical to your websites SEO performance. In the past few years search engines started to focus more and more on the quality of your content. With trillions of websites out there it is important for search engines to come up with standards. SEO Content that is directed to Louisville SEO Company will help to comply with the SEO standards of today. Google's algorithms like Panda and Penguin take aim at helping people find "high-quality" sites base on the search terms they enter. Websites with low-quality content are demoted. Fresh Content Marketing and content writing helps you stand out from the competition. Google wants to know if your content is professional and original.

SEO copywriting

Multimedia Horizon offers full service SEO copywriting and strives to integrate fresh content throughout your website and online content. Google is writing new algorithms each year that improve the user experience and deliver the best results. Search engines are looking for clues that give you back the exact returns for the search you want.

SEO Content

Studies show that the top ranking websites have great content writing. Great content should include a comprehensive coverage of the topic you are talking about. Keywords should be included it the title, header and sub headers. Pages in the top rank have keywords worked into the body copy.